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Re: Header on Windows 10 Live Mail Program Problem?

@doglover3 wrote:

so far no, tried what everyone suggested but just goes back to where it is and stays on file instead of home?


this is what I found but doesn't work for me, should but doesn't


How do you set the Home tab to be default on windows live mail

We greatly appreciate your time and effort for getting back to us and for providing us a screenshot of your Windows Live Mail screen.



If you're pertaining to the Home tab as shown in the picture below, it is possible that the option to Minimize the ribbon is selected that's why some of the options such as Email message, Photo email, Items, etc are not visible.

If you want to set the Home tab as default, just simply click the drop down arrow beside the Home tab then please make sure to uncheck the Minimize the ribbon option.

Should you have any further questions or concerns, please let us know.

Dhenz S.


I tried this and goes right back plus the top messages can't be seen doing this.

Reverse what you did and maximize the ribbon.  Have you selected view and see what is there? 

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Re: Header on Windows 10 Live Mail Program Problem?

there is only the 2 things and I tried both as well as went into view, nothing changes what is now there, stays the same. I am still searching for an answer, will post if I find something.