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I purchased the latest Halo TSV (haven't received it yet) and am now wondering if I should also get the Allstate 3-year protection plan offered with it. I never buy extended warranties or protection plans, but since this item only has a 90-day warranty (wasn't happy about that when I bought it), I am actually finding myself wondering if I should make an exception in this case and buy it. Would love some opinions on this, please.

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@qualityshopper   I wouldn't as this isn't the type of item that gets heavy use and wears out.  You could well have it 5 years and never use it. 

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I have 3, one I bought years ago and it's the basic bolt charger, jumper.  Then I bought 2 of the next version that also had the a/c outlet on it.  I've gifted at least 4 of them over the years as well.  They've all worked wonderfully, one got a lot of use, and consistently and held a charge very well.  I ordered this latest one with the inflator as an upgrade for the one in my car.  I didn't get the extended protection as my experience makes me confident it isn't necessary