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Electronic illiterate--PLEASE--tell me what I need to get--gift for this elderly resident!

OK--here's what I am in the market for:

A CD player--doesn't have to be portable, but easy to use (really easy) because this man is a resident in a nursing home--he cannot work it, but due to staffing limitations, nobody will have time to "play" with a complicated item.

Something that you can use headphones with--and the headphones should be the kind that are not "in ear"

Unfortunately--something not pricey--it will "walk" if it's worth alot of $$--sad, but true!

He wants a bible--I thought of the "Gobible" but after speaking with him and the staff, it's clear it may be too complicated. I already ordered a great "all-star" narrated CD version of the bible for him in CD format... NOW.. just need the right thing for him to play it on!!

I will be so grateful for any suggestions!!! TIA!!!!!!!