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Re: Cord cutters

Oops. We cut the cord in January of 2018, not 2019. Still cant find the "edit" function. Yeesh!
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Re: Cord cutters

@moonlady , click on the three dots in the upper right corner to edit.  LM

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Re: Cord cutters

@Bridgegal wrote:

@LilLady wrote:

For those to cut the cord, what do you do about sports?


     I am a sports addict so I did a lot of comparing when we moved and decided not to get cable.


I found that Hulu+Live TV gives me all of the sports I want.  I don't get the Texas Rangers games because we're out of market but MLBtv gives me that.   Check it out and see if you can get most of what you want with them.  $45.00 a month.


I'm  adding that I just counted and we get 13 sports channels.  Some I don't watch (golf, olympics, Big 10, SEC) but there are about 5 ESPN channels, 5 FOX Sports + whatever sports are on regular / OTA channels.   


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Re: Cord cutters

@SilleeMee wrote:

Count me out. I love my Directv!

@SilleeMee, Mostly I do too except when it rains which is a lot here.  Hubby complains about reruns, but I can't seem to get him to understand about seasons and that you just don't get first run all the time.  He'll even ask if it's a new episode when Blue Bloods comes on after the 10:00 news.  Of course it's not.  But, that's when I find new shows to watch by scrolling through the guide.  And I like to channel swap, so I'm not interested in cutting the cord.

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Re: Cord cutters

 you  will have to pry my comcast remote out of my cold, dead hands! LOL

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