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Re: When is the next TSV?

I hope it is not too small.  I like a medium size bag!

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Re: When is the next TSV?


I didn't catch Sue saying anything about it, but I did not watch all the Dooney shows during last month’s Tsv presentations. I think there have been other Dooney shows but I only tune into qvc when Dooney has a tsv. I keep remembering the older tsvs which were great bags—the kind that had me ordering several, which I still carry. The great domed pebble satchels and the Brenna come to mind. I am waiting to see what the new one is but planning to buy a new “Selleria” collection bag from Dooney direct. I was planning on the “mila” bag, but they now are showing a mid-size domed satchel, which may work better for me. 

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Re: When is the next TSV?

I loved my domed satchel---one of the best they came out with. But mine started to sag; it was an obvious defect. It is a great bag. I never got a Brenna, but its smaller sister.  WIf you get emails from the Q, it will probably pop up in your inbox. Maybe Wednesday or Thursday? It's roughly four days for each preview, but who knows?