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Hi All!  Is anyone familiar with the Wexford line?  I spotted a really nice tote on dooneydotcom yesterday but could not seem to locate a link to a collection page where the leather would be described.  In the photos I was reminded of what was once called 'smooth European leather,' Q carried the Sophie bag in that line a few years back.


The Tilly Tote in Leaf with the rich brown trim is def on my radar!  


Thanks for any info.  Woman Happy

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I found this under "care" on the site:  This leather has not been specifically treated for water repellency. Thus, the leather will temporarily darken when wet, and return to the original tone once completely dry. The waxed surface may assist in staving off some dirt. With continued use, a lovely shine or patina will develop, only enhancing the beauty of this leather. It is also characteristic for lighter colors to darken with use over time, and with exposure to light.

Minor abrasions may be removed or lessened with the use of a very soft cloth and a gentle buffing action.

This collection requires no creams, polishes or leather conditioning products to maintain its beauty.

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Excellent leather. Smooth soft leather.