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Re: New Dooney line

@Jersey Born wrote:

@LibbyAnnE. I also like the Seleria satchel, but on the Dooney site it states it has dimentions of 1"x1"x1", which seems a bit on the small side to me.  LOL.  Hope they fix their height, width, and length measurements on the bags in this line sometime soon.  I am sure it would help them sell more bags.  I cannot tell if the Selleria Domed satchel or the regular Selleria satchel is larger or by how much.  From the online images of the bags on the mannequin, it appears that the domed satchel is less tall, but wider than the satchel (which appears taller and narrower).

@Jersey Born

Funny! Yes, I noticed the same thing. Dooney’s site leaves a lot to be desired. Usually, they finally get the measurements right when the bags are in stock. I like the Selleria Mila Bag but had decided on the more practical domed satchel because it is a bit larger. And then the satchel turned up as the tsv. I am guessing that the other satchel is larger. At least taller, as you say. Just hoping the leather is good. 

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Re: New Dooney line

On D&B website explains this leather, treated with water resistant coating. 

Important noting the care instructions recommended, what not to do. 


This explains why the leather appears shiny, and more structured.

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Re: New Dooney line

I love this new line, but the color choices don't entice me. The price is good compared to the D&B actual site -- and it's not on yet (of course). On the D&B site, they have a color called Air Force that is a vibrant bright blue -- very pretty, and oxblood.....other beautiful colors. But I think the price there is $328.00. That's quite a difference. 


The last thing I need right now is a new handbag. I've been on a D&B run since May, and I have more bags than I ever thought I would have. HAHA.....

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Re: New Dooney line

@Briggsie. I must say that I really like the look of oxblood and air force colors, too.  I previously had a rainbow of bags in my closet that needed culling, which I did, because while I absolutely love the idea of vividly colored handbags, I found that all I wore in practice were the black handbags! Perhaps one day, when my kids have flown the coup, I will have more time and much more of a desire to develop my personal style, and change out my handbags with much greater frequency.  I do so love to see and appreciate seeing different colored handbags on other women.