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I've seen the color numerous times on tv but I still can decide. I'm thinking about getting a bag in the color elephant. I don't need anymore fall/winter bags but would like another spring/summer bag. Those of you who own one what do you think about the color? I'm hoping it's a year round color. 

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I have it and think it is a great year round neutral.  I am lazy and don't like to change out my bags often, so this does the trick. I don't know what it looks like on the screen for you but it is a putty type grey color.  

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I have a crossbody bag in elephant.  IMO, it is a neutral color and I carry it all year around just as I do with the color called natural.


If I am going to buy an expensive bag, I want to be able to use it often.


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It's got to look better in person than on TV where it appears to be a dull battleship gray.  Not my idea of an attractive neutral as it appears to have no life to it. 

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I don't own a Dooney in elephant, but it is my favorite color.  It looks so versatile!

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I also think it is year round. It is a medium gray, thus not too light or too dark for a particular season.

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It's a year round color. Unless you live in a place like Arizona we wear whatever color whenever. We don't follow the rules.

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Re: Elephant color

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It's what YOU like.  If you believe this is a spring/summer color go for it.


Doesn't matter what I think and I sure don't want to talk you out of buying what you believe is a good color for you.


I'm not even sure if there's even a spring/summer pallet anymore.  I look at all the new Brahmin's introduced and there are quite a lot of pecans which to me equates to fall but not them, trending now.


Last winter I carried a Purple COACH, now I have a blue/green Brahmin for the spring and I just ordered the new spicy orange.


Neutrals are in year round, and if you are doing a Dooney, sign up for I love Dooney and recently had great sales and a major dept store has a friends and family sale, they might have what you are looking for too.  Not that many department stores left and not sure I can share but the store begins with a M.   Enjoy.


Wish I could carry multiple bags, I like Dooney's too.

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I would not call it gray - more of a gray/taupe.  I have a large drawstring bag in elephant - love it.  It can definitely be worn all year round.

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Have the original Barlow in Elephant, a nice warm gray, carry it as a neutral.

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