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Great sale on  25% off site-wide + 8% cash back with + Free shipping and 3 Dooney Pays!  I got my Mini Hattie in black for my Birthday Nov.27!!

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The 25% off sale on all bags is a good deal on the D&B website, plus free shipping! I came so close to ordering the beautiful Libby bag after I had watched the video on the Q. The Dooney website leaves a lot to be desired when looking at bags so I check them out at the Q when there's a video. I finally decided I just do not need another Dooney or Braham - hopefully I won't regret it, but I'm sure there will be another sale at some point! I'm waiting for the annual 12 Days of Christmas on the D&B website - hope I can be strong! LOL!

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Day one started yesterday-some nice styles.  I believe day two will be posted at noon.  Seems early this year.