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D&B Carrington Pouch, anyone?

I have my eye on this pouch.  Does anyone have it, and what do you use it for?  


(For anyone wondering, it's a fairly big bag, no handles, and kinda skinny. I guess it could be a clutch?)

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Re: D&B Carrington Pouch, anyone?

i see on i love dooney that they range from $39 through $118. did not check if the sizings are all the same or not.

any particular one you are looking at?

i always  love to use pouches inside of a purse because i can grab it and go if i am out running a few errands and do not need my entire purse with me.

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Re: D&B Carrington Pouch, anyone?

The Carrington pouch comes in different sizes and in different leathers/fabrics.   I have a large one that I've used for about a month for cosmetics, hand lotion, etc.   I like the soft leather.  For my use,  the tassel doesn't add any value and just takes up room inside my handbag.  I find the Carrington more useful than most of the wrislet shapes and sizes.  But the base of the Carrington is narrow, and I still haven't decided if the Dooney cosmetic pouch with it's deeper base might not be more functional.   It will probably depend upon the size and shape of the particular handbag I'm using.


The other thing to note is that the inside of the Carrington pouch has some slip pockets, credit card slots, and a zipper pocket.   These can be very useful for organizing your stuff and provide a perfect place for emery boards, some hidden cash, bandages, etc.


Some ladies use the Carrington as a small clutch purse,

in the place of a handbag, either to run an errand or for evening.  The tassel and interior pockets are very nice if you use the Carrington that way.


Another thought.... with the inside of some Dooney handbags being lined in a soft cream color leather,  many of us are  concerned about keeping the inside of our handbags clean.  Pouches and handbag oranizers are very useful if that is your goal.  We often end up using several pouches/wristlets/cosmetic cases of different sizes at the same time.