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Re: Why is D&C targeting the older women

Just like Candace's line favors the smaller woman, D&C absolutely is now almost totally for the old and heavy woman. Look at the tops. Is there anything besides a fit and flare, or way long tunics? And the prints. Those huge florals remind me of my Aunt and Mom, many years ago. 

I'm an older Senior and love Candace's line. There's nothing I've seen on D&C that is to my liking.

There's something for everyone, but Gary's could be a tad more inclusive and a little more innovative. 

Gary goes off with his Southwestern line now. What for? It all looks the same. 

Candace, Isaac seem to be my go to's these days.And what a disappointment is J Jason Wu. He doesn't bring a collection, just shows up occassionally with something uninteresting. The Q got nothing but a name. 

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Re: Why is D&C targeting the older women

@Just Bling - based on the posters in these forumns, there is a very large old biddy club that loves this stuff.