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Take off those tags!

You know what I'm talking about: those annoying tags on the back of shirts that rub my skin and irritate it so much that i scratch it till the skin breaks.


Of course you could snip off the tags but there's always the chance you could slip and cut a slit into the fabric. I hope QVC will start taking off the tags and print the same information where the tag would be.

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Re: Take off those tags!

@FuzzyFace  I don't buy clothing from QVC, but I have this problem with some other companies and brands.  I buy a lot of One World clothes from Evine.  They have the softest, stretchiest, most comfortable fabrics; which is what I love about the line.  What I don't understand is why they put the scratchiest tags on the back!  I hate to remove them, as I like to see the size, brand, etc.

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Re: Take off those tags!

I hate those tags too.  So much nicer with the stamped on info.  So many kids are bothered by tags also.

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Re: Take off those tags!

I'm not concerned about snipping the fabric - I've removed tags and sometimes it's worse - - the ends are doubled (fabric) which scratch more and are permanent.

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Re: Take off those tags!

I always remove tags with a seam ripper ..  can't stand them ...


I also remove all other tags and labels ... my DIL laughs .. she

says you can always tell which things are mine because they

have no tags ....especaily dish towels .....

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Re: Take off those tags!

Read a while back that the scratchiness of some tags is due to the extra sharp laser used to cut the tag fabric.  Sometimes just snipping the corner or edge will work....esp if you want to keep the info.


I sometimes use a thing magic marker to note key info on the very bottom of the top or on a side tag.

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Re: Take off those tags!

I agree with everyone about no tags but I'm finding now that many of the printed on tags come off and itch and scatch too. 

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Re: Take off those tags!

Buy tagless or use a seam ripper.

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Re: Take off those tags!

Isaac M.'s line is the WORST TAGS EVER!!!!!!!! I have to work with a seam ripper very carefully for a long time to get them out w/o hurting the garment!


I have said it before but I will say it again...If I were ever elected President my 1st action in office would be to outlaw ALL tags from ALL clothing products in the USA!!!! LOL



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Re: Take off those tags!

I also can't stand irritating labels, but do want the info on them. Why couldn't they make the labels out of a very soft fabric, like nylon or something.