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Question for Gary G Denim & Co

Gary ~ I just received the Denim & Co. Printed Perfect Jersey Maxi Dress with Side Slits (Item # A352822). It fits perfectly...but the side seams of this horizontal striped dress do not match up. Not even close. These mismatched seams detract from the attractiveness of the dress. Is this an error...or does this dress design simply not match the seams? In other words, would it help to exchange it for another, or do all of this style carry this same characteristic? I have many Denim & Co tops with horizontal stripes and they all match up perfectly. There is no video to see for this particular maxi dress, so I can't watch to see what the models look like wearing it and I can't listen to you describing it.


Please advise, so that I know whether to exchange or return outright. I love the dress design and fit and hope this is simply a one-off problem. Thanks for all that you do!

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Re: Question for Gary G Denim & Co

@kittymom-mk:  Welcome to the boards! You should try contacting Gary on facebook. Vendors don't respond to this forum.

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Re: Question for Gary G Denim & Co

@kittymom-mk  - I was able to view a video on this dress.  The stripes on the model do not match up.  I don't think exchanging is going to help, but you might be able to get something that looks a little bettter.

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Re: Question for Gary G Denim & Co

I also viewed the video and agree that the stripes do not match along the side seams of the dress on the model.  I’m thinking the painterly stripe design is hard to match along the seams (without wasting a lot of fabric).  But it is a very cute dress. 

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Re: Question for Gary G Denim & Co

@kittymom-mk Vendors do not read these forums.


Contact Gary at: goben for qvc


He DOES read messages *there*.


You don't need a FB account to post, as I understand it.

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Re: Question for Gary G Denim & Co

That's strange the stripes don't match because Gary has expressed his distaste for non-matching stripes.  I heard him discussing it just a few days ago.  I'd return the item if it was mine.

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