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D & Co Original Waist Side Pocket Pants need to be restocked more often.  Especially now when the seasons are changing. I keep checking but always the same colors are out of stock.  Get with the program----you'd sell more if you had more colors available.

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I wear a size medium, out of 44 colors, only 17 have any inventory. 


I would think medium would be a very common size and if you’re going to keep colors in any size that would be one of them.

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And I get so tired of hearing "Only order of the season!"  They say that at the beginning of every season.  

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Yes, yes, yes!  I’ve been waiting for true olive and charcoal gray for many months - I wear both colors year round not just fall.   Some of the deeper reds that are beautiful for fall are picked over in sizes.  


Gary, are you listening?  We need an espresso brown. What they call chocolate has too much red in it.