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I've bought so many pairs of D&C joggers A378199 and just came back for 4 more in navy and black, as they do tend to lose color in the wash. Navy and black are always out of stock, so I grabbed them.  I immediately noticed the French terry is now much thinner, more like a tee shirt...not the same beefy, durable fabric. You can hardly see the inside loops even with a magnifier. Fit was still good as before. But I was dismayed to find when I washed them that they shrunk a full 2 inches in length and in width, and these pants already start out a bit shorter.  They are now pretty unwearable. I tried to post an updated review, but the system says I already reviewed and won't let me review again. I see there are NO reviews posted since December. I think Q is relying on the prior high reviews and isn't posting current reviews to avoid lowering the rating. How is the customer to know this isn't  the same good product we once loved?

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Re: My favorite joggers changed

@Rockergal    You could try asking the mods to have your original review removed then replace it. Don't hesitate to return the new ones even though they've been washed since you find the quality unacceptable.  I'm afraid the cheapening of products is a disturbing new trend. I noticed a huge difference in the fabric of clothes I bought this year compared to those bought several years ago.

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Re: My favorite joggers changed

Thanks for letting us know. 

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Re: My favorite joggers changed

@Rockergal I've experienced the same problem.joggers now seem thinner material compared to a few yrs ago.seems everything has changed since covid hit.

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Re: My favorite joggers changed

Thanks for the post @Rockergal .  Sorry to hear that a favorite item has changed.  Seems to me that everything is changing and the trend is for thinner and shorter lasting items.  I think that is now the demand and clothes aren't supposed to last like We expected them to.  

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Re: My favorite joggers changed

I have purchased 6 pairs of these joggers in the past and love them so much that I recently reordered several pairs to replenish a few faded ones. The OP's quality comment is spot on (I thought maybe it was just me), as these are definitely not the same fabric--noticeably thinner. The fit is fine but the thinner fabric has cheapened the look and feel. Go back to your original please.