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Gary this Afternoon.....

Did anybody else hear Gary this afteroon when he and Carolyn did a D&C show?  I'm still chuckling over his unfortunate faux pas.  He was enumerating the fine qualities of a top and described it as "HOBO CHIC".  Of course he meant Boho chic.  Carolyn near fell out laughing and so did I.


I'm not sure what HOBO chic is but I guess he was saying with D&C, you can look like an affluent bum.  Poor Gary has been working 7 days a week and has to be there to dash in when they just show 1 or 2 D&C items.  He said he needed food.  Felt sorry for him but it was funny.



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Re: Gary this Afternoon.....

Sometimes BOHO Chic looks like HOBO Chic lol.  Too funny.