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@judianne    I buy most ALL of my casual clothes and undergarments at Costco.  Prices are right, I wear more "classic" clothes so their styles suit me, care of garments is easy and they last for years.  


I usually donate items after about 2 yrs but they aren't "worn out."


The bras and panties are an excellent fit for me and I just bought several items from Carol Hochman yesterday.


Also, their return policy is outstanding.  If there is any defect in a clothing item, regardless of when it was purchased, they will issue you a credit.  I LOVE shopping at Costco!!

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@Hoggie wrote:
Denim and co is just too expensive for me now…and then add the shipping. As a matter of fact all of QVC is too expensive lately . Not as much Q or V anymore.
Additionally shipping is outrageous… these are the days of free shipping at a lot of places. What gives? Shipping is a huge turnoff for me

What ISN'T expensive.  Shopping of any kind or anywhere has gone up, groceries up, gas up .... shall I continue.

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I suppose expensive can mean something different in different parts of the country.
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Yep. That’s what I’ll do. Shop elsewhere.
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I checked out Walmart's new Scoop line, a high-er price point collection. 


I saw some things I might like for a New Year's Eve party, but no invitations yet. Smiley Happy

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I need to check that out. I hope you get a special invitation and enjoy yourself in a pretty new outfit!
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I need to check that out. I hope you get a special invitation and enjoy yourself in a pretty new outfit!
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There are 1422 Denim & Co items for sale on the QVC website.


Only 10-12% of the items are over $50.00.


The cheapest item is $6.34, less than a large cup of fancy coffee.


Just search all D & Co by your size--I am sure you will find many bargains.


If you purchase items when they are first shown, the prices are always higher.  But everything goes on sale, especially if you buy clothes from the previous season. 


I find QVC clothes quality to be VERY good and the prices quite reasonable.  Shipping at $3.50 is a bargain. If I go to a store, I have to pay for gas and car wear and tear, so it is not really any cheaper.



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And gas just went up for the 2nd time this week!


For $3.50 worth of gas, I can't go shop around for things!  Esp now that most of the malls are closing down and everything has switched to strip plazas!


Gotta drive all over the place!

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We all know prices are high, that is certainly not front page news! We get it! But I agree with the OP, Denim & Co. is too expensive for what it is. It's not a high class, high end line at all. It's casual clothing, and should be priced as such.