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Re: Did You Hear Gary Say.....

This is 2019. People know it. This is an immense problem that won't be solved by bullying.


The fact of the matter is people still need clothes, bigger chairs, longer straps, etc. You would have them live in a bubble. It doesn't work that way. No matter what one's age, size, gender, level of ability, most of us want to look good. Behind these health crises there are human beings trying to deal with the issue first hand.

 You get real.



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Re: Did You Hear Gary Say.....

Why is concern for the health of others considered bullying? What concerns me is the size of the younger generation. Next time you drive past a school bus stop in the morning take a look at the teenagers standing there. 80% of them are seriously overweight. When I was in high school you could count the number of "fat" girls on one hand. I apologize for using that word but it was uncommon then and unfortunately that's what they were called. But people ate better in those days. Fast food was a once in a while treat for my family, not an everyday meal. Chips and soda were not considered lunch in those days. When I would drive my daughter to school in the morning, I would stop and pick up a newspaper. The majority of the kids in the convenient store were on their way to school buying chips, soda, candy. That's breakfast? But if their parents are eating these foods, they don't know any better. If you don't care about yourself, that's your business, but passing these unhealthy habits on to your children is irresponsible. There is no reason for a teenager to be that size other than unhealthy eating and lack of exercise. And if they are beginning their lives at that size what will happen to them when they have health issues, medication problems, limited mobility? 

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Re: Did You Hear Gary Say.....

I have a friend who is a 3x.  She's a beautiful and intelligent professional woman who owns a major company in our area.  Her kindness to everyone is one of her finest attributes.  I'd rather know this 3 x ladyr than some woman who always claims to be an "extra small" and continually throws shade to the people around her. Jmho.

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Re: Did You Hear Gary Say.....

I look at it like this....Maybe if the 4X 5X women felt pretty in some nice would give them an incentive to make some changes....



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Re: Did You Hear Gary Say.....

Problem with all the small models is that women believe they will look that good if they buy it.  I learned that after spending a lot of money on beauty products.  

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Re: Did You Hear Gary Say.....

I can't imagine any of the posters are intentionally fat shaming or bullying.  IMHO some of the posts should be categorized in the WELLNESS section.  Apples and Oranges are getting mixed up here. 


This thread is about offering extra plus sizes for women who need those sizes.   No one in their right mind and heart would say they don't deserve pretty clothes.


I hope maybe just maybe in the Wellness section some positive and helpful examples and experiences can be shared to encourage and give hope. To our sisters, daughters, mothers, loved ones who are battling obesity and weight issues on both ends of the spectrum I wish for you to feel pretty.  


From the xxxs to the 5xl plus go doll yourself up ! 




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Re: Did You Hear Gary Say.....

I just saw 4 and 5x sizes offered in Susan graves. bravo to QVC for recognizing heavier women!!! now all my friends can shop great stuff.
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Re: Did You Hear Gary Say.....

I have no doubt that you mean well by your comment but judging someone is not something we women need to do. We need to  move on from some of those statements.I agree with others that women need to have nice clothing no matter what size she is. Designers have always forgotten these women for what ever reason. Some large women are much healther than their small counter parts. I have yet to understand how this blog got to this point, with the mentioning of Gary saying larger sizes are on the way. I praise anyone who has loss weight but there are some who fine it hard to do for whatever reason. Let us learn as women to be kind .

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Re: Did You Hear Gary Say.....

@KcFoxy wrote:

I have been size 12 through 28 and after blowing out a patellar tendon, (antibiotics), and losing 50% of my lung capacity/on oxygen and using wheelchair or quad cane, (non-smoker!) my size has gradually gone up, at the rate of maybe 4-5 pounds per year...


Smaller size for pants and skirts but with serious G Cup issues, there are times some QVC 3Xs (especially a few designer lines in rayon-span for example) may not be quite adequate as I do not like to draw too much attention to my bust.  Here are a couple of 3X photos  featuring favorite designers to illustrate where a 4X might not be a bad idea...and a few that work IMHO.



Shoulders fit in this Quacker Factory top, but bust hugs more than I'd like in 3X.



Louis Dell'Olio tunic, prefer less pulling/wrinkling through bust & arms. "Size up if you are busty", was the recommendation. So hard to do when you are usually 3X, plus the extra room is nice for air flow!



 Various medications and heat, puff me up, (note 8" DQ bracelet), but this 3X Denim & Co. ensemble seems to work a treat, and the addition of a slenderizing necklace completes the look.




Colorful Susan Graver top fits well, even over sleevelss LDO maxi. For the few who shudder at the thought of a plus sized gal possibly needing super plus sizing, and stating no way can they be pretty in such huge garments...I will let this picture of a 67 year old fashion-minded woman speak for me/us. Not too hideous, eh?


On another positive note, very nice to note s trio of small, petite and larger ladies in more of the print photos. Way to go! Smiley Very Happy



You are beautiful!!