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This brand is still the best overall value for quality.  If they can produce a jacket or a nice blouse for under $40, why can't Logo and others?  I'd like to see a few more modern looks.  And Denim & Co 'Beach' is a good start!  The pants generally need updating with new fabrics, lighter cotton, linen, gauze etc!  But on the whole they are still the best.

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Re: Denim & Co.

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AJW, I've noticed the quality, and find that Denim & Co. clothes last a long time.  Have had good luck with their jean jackets in a variety of pretty colors.  The other thing I like is the sizing system seems to be one of the most consistent among the various lines...

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I agree, for the money still a good value. For me though I would like to see more in petite sizes, and less 95/5 material. More cotton. IMO. 

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I think a person's perspective on that probably depends on where they live and how much they like to shop. In my area, I find that by watching sales carefully and/or using coupons, I can find a lot of high quality clothing such as Alfred Dunner for less than D and C prices, and I am able to try on.  However, in certain lines such as Alfred Dunner, the sizing is so consistent that trying on isn't even necessary, something that cannot be said for Q clothing.   I wait until the items are marked down at least 40 percent and often 60 percent. Of course, I am retired and have lots of nearby stores so I can visit regularly to find the good buys. With shipping and return shipping if it doesn't work out, most Q clothing is more expensive. 

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I agree the prices are rising at the Q. I too can find better deals by shopping locally. Prices are usually marked down at least 40% and coupons are in the mail or newspaper every day.  much better deals.  My favorite thing from Denim and Co. used to be their  petal pushers, but they have changed the size of the legs and I get lost in them.  I am buying a few of them and seaming up the legs to fit. Not going to do that anymore. I will shop locally.

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oznell: I also have had Denim & Co. clothes last a LONG time! One pair of white, elastic-waist pants, for example, have been in my closet for 10 years or more. Still look SHARP-white & still fit like a dream. The only reason I don't own more D&C clothing, is my tight budget. 

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Their prices have risen considerably in the last few months and I've had to return/exchange pants more than once as they are being cut in a slimmer profile,.


Also, I wanted to vote today on the newest 2 items they are saying would be a great gift and I like the velvet vest much more than the run-of-the-mill seems to me that has been done and done...but...


$53+ for a VEST??? That's usually the price of a jacket....even with a more expensive brand like Graver.


I am shopping less and less on QVC as I, like many ladies, are finding the same or comparable items for less $ elsewhere.