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Comfy denim leggings

Gary/Denim and Co...Please bring back the comfy knit petite denim leggings!!!

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Re: Comfy denim leggings

Gary says it's best to contact him on his Facebook page; Gary Goben for QVC.  You don't have to be a Facebook member.  It would also be helpful to include the item number which should be on a small tag in the pants.

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Re: Comfy denim leggings

@Shewal What Kachina said. The vendors don't read these forums. Contact him at goben for qvc. You don't need a FB account to post there.

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Re: Comfy denim leggings

I do not do FB and have never been able to post anything because I don't belong.  I hate that QVC is pushing fb on us.  They should have a way that they will respond through their own site.