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25th Anniversary

I expected to see some great new things, special, new or different. I am completely underwhelmed so far .

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Re: 25th Anniversary

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It's an awkward time of year for clothing sales; getting rid of winter, too early for spring.  It's also too early for new merchandise as they have to get rid of the old first.

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Re: 25th Anniversary

@VancouverUSAgal I SO agree. I saw a couple of things I'm just waiting to go on clearance when they don't sell, they were so hideous!

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Re: 25th Anniversary

I too thought there would be more new Denim & Co items posted today but sadly no. 

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Re: 25th Anniversary

I was hoping for some CRAZY one day only deals.

But nope not today.


Happy 25yrs DENIM & CO

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Re: 25th Anniversary

Agree, but we have all year in which they will be "celebrating" 25 years.  I am hesitant to purchase any "perfect jersey" as the last top I got felt quite rubbery.  I love the color of the year and hope I can pick up some in other fabric throughout the year.