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@qvcsocialteam Or Any Moderator

I have a order placed 3/6 and in "limbo" since 3/9 -- any ideas??? CS gave me same info I see -- "preparing" package ...


honestly, how long does it take to PREPARE A PACKAGE...if NOT available, please let me know and refund.


order #:  ENDING 7160

order placed: 3/6/21 (funds taken same day)


Thank you,


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Re: @qvcsocialteam Or Any Moderator

It seems that the shipping dept. at all facilities needs to improve.  Who is running the ship?

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Re: @qvcsocialteam Or Any Moderator

I just cancelled my lancer peel , going from preparing to back order back and forth , it was 3/5 , it was not an advance order .

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Re: @qvcsocialteam Or Any Moderator

@homedecor1 - For whatever it's worth, I've had a couple of items stay in that second phase of "Preparing Your Order" for several days longer than was accurate, including one order that was delivered to me while that status was still in place. Hope your package arrives soon!