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I currently have the D&C jeggings processing. I get it that it's only been a few days since I order them (the TSV on Sunday, I believe), but I have had things processing for weeks and then take another week + to actually arrive. I really wish that if it's going to be in process that long that we should have the option to cancel the order. 


I, too, have gotten orders from Amazon in just a few days. Sometimes they ship the day I order them. And the return policy is so much better. USPS/UPS picks it up and Amazon credits my account before I even knew it was picked up. And I'm not a serial returner; I've only sent one thing back to Amazon and a few to QVC/HSN.


I returned something to QVC back in early July and never heard anything until I had to inquire about it several weeks later To their credit, once I ask about it, then it gets taken care of almost immediately. But one shouldn't have to wait for several weeks and then have to ask about the status of the return. I'm going through the same thing now with HSN. I sent something back a few weeks ago and am still waiting to hear anything.