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If we receive something after we got a refund how should it be returned?

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I would just use the prepaid label. Let customer service know it's on its way. 

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@Ladybug57    Absolutely it should be returned.  Shouldn't need to ask.

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I was questioning how it should be returned not if it should be returned.  Didn't know if I needed to include any special information.  Obviously I know it should be returned!

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Re: question about return

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@Ladybug57  I would ask the Mods to please note your account stating that a return fee should not be charged.


The warehouse  often overlooks notes that are sent with returns.


I know becauce it happened to me.

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@Ladybug57 - You can just use QVC's prepaid label and write "RECEIVED AFTER REFUND WAS ISSUED" in the comments area, and you should have no problems. If you want to email the Social Team ( or call customer service to have a note placed on your account to ensure that there is no confusion, I'm sure they'd appreciate that extra step, but it shouldn't be necessary. Good luck!