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@handygal2 wrote:

I use an iPad, and l can't edit while posting unless l backspace, and in some cases that means practically starting from scratch. The cursor won't appear.  And after the post is submitted, l can't edit it at all. It has been this way since last weekend.

@handygal2   You said it to a T. I am getting tired of it.

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yep.....I have been having the same problems on my iPad...all week.

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@Eva-QVC I'm still have formatting problems as well.  No change.  I'm using my iPad, if that helps.

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I can't edit with either of my is a Lenovo, the other isa a LePan.  Often, I can't reply in the main reply box and have it use the quick reply box.  The problem has been occurring for at least a week.

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I'm on an I Pad Mini 4 and the only way I can edit is using the backspace button. Still cannot copy and paste links either into posts and one unique thing: when I heart a post if I touch the heart again, I can 'unheart it' without going through the 'revoke my hearts' menu.

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