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I do not know if this applies to other people that have purchased locknlock, but I have purchased multi-pieces over the years, and still do,  Infact, that is the largest items that I do purchase from qvc.  The problem being especially with a large bowl that I purchased sometime ago, which I had in the freezer, the lid cracked, and was badly damaged with a large open space, and the tab was broken off.  The locknlock company require a purchase receipt which I no longer have, of course, and as you know many of the purchases do not come with a receipt.  I notified the company, and they will not honor this product.  All I need is a lid.  Very, very disappointing!!!  So, in other words I am unfortunately out of luck.  

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Would they at least sell you a stand-alone lid?  ... for a reasonable price, of course.

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@little missy   Contact the mods at  They were able to help me with a receipt for a warranty on another product.  You'll need to give them a detailed description. 

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Hi @little missy I am so sorry that happened. You should be able to print your order information from your order status on the website.

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I had two lids where the tabs were broken.  I just called Lock n Lock and received two in the mail.  It took about 6 months to get them.  I have the ph. number for them (located in Calif.) if you would like it.

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@little missy , how are you supposed to remember which order contained the bowl lid that you want to replace after all this time?

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My order status is NOT complete past 2021.  In 2020 and older, there are a lot of orders missing.


I order a LOT and many orders are no longer showing.


Contacted Q for a copy of a Diamonique prev purchase and they said they had no record.  Diamonique is NOT sold anywhere else!


I had one OLD L&L  lid I needed to be replaced and was told they had no record of the order.  Requested CS to look it up, was unable.


I have learned to save my L&L invoices in a pile.


I have only replaced about 4 L&L things....only once did they require the receipt.  I was outta luck on that cuz it was old.


I use it for a dog bowl now, LOL

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Contact QVC customer service; they will look it up and provide you with the invoice.

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Done with lock n lock from QVC

Don't bother calling.  I have been purchasing my lock n locks since they started with QVC.  and today I have made the decidion to just purchase them  IF AT ALL fromwWalmart, Target anywhere else. not QVC.  I was told by customer service

I have to deal with lock n lock which I had just told her.


I have a piece that has never had anything else in it but bakery procducts (breads, rolls,

breakfast items.  There is a small hole in the bottom that I just discovered when I rinsed it out...Called lock and lock, I must  send it to them.  So this was a todays special value, free shipping and now I have to pay to have it sent to them.  I have had defective bowls, and lids.  Over the course of 20 years I called them, gave them the QVC order number and the product number with the explanation of the problem.   


In this set I have lids that don't quite snap on easily and now this.


The lock n lock items are actually cheaper at Wlamart and if you want you can get just

one piece.   And get the same customer service from Walmart as .