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I think we are all quick to complain and to point out areas for improvement.  I also like to give compliments for areas I see improving.  QVC thanks for all of the improvements in shipping and with returns.  

I can only imagine the volumn of packages coming and going.  So thank you very much from a satisfied customer!!

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Re: high 5 on better shipping.

Agree.  I have had some good luck on my things as well.  


I think if you are planning on ordering gifts for Christmas then I would do it earlier this year.  Like every year some wait too long and blame it on everyone else.    What could be easier than doing it on line .  I use to wait in lines a mile long.  No more.

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Re: high 5 on better shipping.

I've had 4 packages sitting in Baltimore since the 24th. Q should stop using mail innovations! That's $14 I paid for shipping & now has been 10 days since I ordered. 👎
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Re: high 5 on better shipping.

The trouble is, its not consistent.   While one item may ship in 24 hours, the next may take 6 days.

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