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got charged twice and canceled my order. QVC still has my funds on hold

I placed an order on the 25th for beats headphones. When I reviewed my order I forgot to add my apartment number so after I re-edited it QVC placed a second authorization on my credit card. They told me that second one should fall off and that when you edit your order it’s normal for them to place a second authorization.

the expected date came and still no update on my order. I was told that they would have to contact the merchant and it will take will take a few days so I canceled my order.

5 days passed and guess what?? Both pre authorization are still pending and QVC said it should have been released by now. I contacted my credit card company and they said it’s still pending and they can’t do anything until QVC releases the funds. I contacted QVC and they send a message to the finance department and the finance department still hasn’t opened my case. Tomorrow makes day 6 and they have my money on hold. the credit card company told me to wait a few days if they don’t release the funds they will do a dispute and that would mean they need to cancel my card and send me out a new one. Before they do that they suggest I wait and I agreed.

What’s up with QVC ? My order has been canceled and they still have my funds on hold.
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Re: got charged twice and canceled my order. QVC still has my funds on hold

Your title sounds misleading. It seems you were not charged twice for an item. You had a credit check authorization go through to establish it's a valid credit account. Usually it a very small, minimal amount usually not more than a couple of dollars. And if it's an actual credit card then your account is not actually charged anything until an item is shipped. So it's not as if there is any loss of funds.


I may be incorrect, but my understanding has been that each bank issuing each credit card determines the length of time before their pre-authorization check falls off. Not unusual for it to take at least seven days.

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Re: got charged twice and canceled my order. QVC still has my funds on hold

Pending charges vs. posted charges are two separate things.  Pending charges for an item that doesn't ship falls off.  They can be there, as @Etoile308 stated, for 7(ish) days.


I've never had an issue with a QVC purchase that didn't ship actually post the charge to my credit card.

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