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i just went through this same thing and the Chat offered 0 help.  I've been using PayPal and been at the same address (yes in the US) for 10 years and have had zero issues checking out w/ PP though any other online store.  Very frustrating that QVC does not address the error.  And I was not using any EasyPay option, it was in full.   This is not on PayPal, it is with QVC- they need to fix if they want to retain customers.  For now, I'll purchase my items through Ulta (where PayPal checkout is a breeze).  

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Re: can't use Paypal !!

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That happens to me too.


i found a work around.  I don't choose Paypal from the PayPal icon, instead I just check out normally like I would if using a cc and when I have to to choose a payment method, there is another PayPal option there.


It works every time that way.  I just have to remember to change the easypay option off.


Do not choose PayPAL  from here. Choose the regular checkout icon.



Instead choose it from here....look under edit to change payment method.



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Just happened to me today.  Frustrating to say the least!