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Can QVC please reconsider its sizing in women's fashions (or ask their venders to do so)?  If you look at the "specific measurements" of many items, the difference between an XL and a 1X is almost negligible.  For someone who needs to "size up" for extra roominess, it makes no sense to go from an XL to a 1X.  All other sizes (from small to medium, medium to large, 1X to 2X, etc.) have approximately 4 inches between measurements (waist, hips).  I just looked at the specific measurements in a jean, and the waist measurments for the XL and the 1X were the same.  In fact, a couple of the XL measurements were larger than the 1X.  For someone who regularly wears an XL, this is furiating.

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Hi @MSUSpartan155 and thank you for your feedback. I will be sure to share it with our management team. 

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Thank you, it is very frustrating 

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@sherylsiu @MSUSpartan155

The two sizes XL and 1X are meant to fix different body types. The XL is made for a medium height average woman wearing a an XS to XL. The 1X is made for an average height plus sized woman wearing a 1X-3X.


Please do a Google search and read about these two body types. You will  better understand the small differences in the cut of these two sizes. Please read about ease built into a garment.

LandsEnd sells regular and plus sizes. The clothing charts will let you see the basic measurements of two sizes side by side, 

LandsEnd charges an additional price for a plus sized item QVC does not. 


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Usually the smaller reg sizes only have about 3 inches if that in between their sizes...when it gets to the plus sizes it is usually 4 inches which is in my opinion TOO MUCH of a size difference between sizes.......the should do 3 inches in ALL sizes....and i myself can be XL and 1X and there is a difference in the fit of those sizes even though the measurements are close

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Sorry, but this answer makes no sense to me.  What is the difference between a "medium height average woman" and a "average height plus sized woman"?  A medium height should be the same as an average height.  I know there is a difference between an average woman and a plus sized woman, but when the bust size of an XL and a 1X is the same, what does that tell you?  Which size is the plus size?  Which size is the average size?  I appreciate the fact that QVC does not charge extra for larger sizes, but I am just looking for the best fit for me.  When a woman who is a size 4 determines that the garment is too tight, she goes up to a size 6.  When a woman who is an XL determines that the garment is too tight, going up to a 1X does not solve the problem.  I can Google search the body types between an average woman and a plus size woman, but at the end of the day, I still cannot size up from an XL to gain a bit more room.

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Take a look at the specific measurements for these Laurie Felt Silky Denim Overdyed Skinny Pull-On Jeans, A301670.  The differences in measurements between the XL and the 1X is negligible.  This is not true between all the other sizes.  I am normally an XL.  I can often wear a Large, due to the generous sizing in many garments offered on QVC.  I am rarely a 1X and most certainly not a 2X.  Yet, if I wanted a bit more comfort or room in this jean, I would need to size up from the XL to a 2X.  

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msuspartan ~ you and I should shop in each others closets! I have the same issue. Many times, the XL is actually a bit larger in an area or 2 than the 1X.

Long ago, I used to always go by qvc's sizing and was way off. Then they started - or I discovered - the actual garment sizing and was surprised by what I found. I'm totally with you though - I'd be swimming in a 2X and even the 1X is too large and in all the wrong places. 

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Weight wise I am a plus 1X.  Occasionally I will gamble on an XL and haven't been burned yet.  I have noticed that the XXL carried in Brick and Mortar stores is tight on my arms and occasionally across the chest.  That's why I stick with the 1X.  And overall that's why I stick with QVC.  Too many bad experiences with LL Bean, Eddie Bauer, and Costco.