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Worried And Frustrated About Order Status

I did contact Customer Care, but truly would appreciate a full explanation on why/how an order suddenly becomes "Contact CS" to do with an order that was just placed earlier in the day Tuesday, as a check order, and then transferred by me on QVC dot com to my Visa - right around 12:15 AM EST on Wednesday ~ is there a reason this randomly happens with orders?
I transferred other orders to my Visa on Tuesday and had no issues. Part of why I'm greatly concerned is this is a Sold Out and very popular item. I guess from now on I should contact CS rather than transfer on my own, but truly don't understand the problem and would truly appreciate a detailed answer as to why any authorization is pending , and is that why Contact CS appears? What should one do when they see that message, what does CS then do for you and your order?
Thanks so much for any help!
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Re: Worried And Frustrated About Order Status

Contact the Social Team by email at with your order number and explanation.  Maybe, someone can help you there.  

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Re: Worried And Frustrated About Order Status

Hi Foxxee,
Actually that's what I meant to say, I contacted The Social Team and they weren't much help to be honest.
Its very confusing to me why this seems to randomly happen with some orders, there definitely shouldn't be anything wrong on my end unless perhaps my bank was maybe down for maintenance and wasn't allowing for authorizations? What's worrying me is this was the Clarista TSV from Tuesday that sold out (the dark brown choice) and I'm worried any additional delay on authorization will cause me to lose out on my order, which would be a total bummer/ disappointment.
Hoping for the best! I had another of my orders go totally screwy lol or ugh when QVC took my order over the phone, sent me an email confirmation saying it was placed etc, just to find out it wasn't placed after all, and now though that was finally fixed, worried about that order now too.... crazy, maybe there's a full moon out there? LOL!
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Re: Worried And Frustrated About Order Status

If you intend to use another credit card BESIDES the one on file, you must tell them or they just won't send it out.  They won't know what to do and they will not send stuff out without they get the funds first.


My card on file got hacked and so I called the cc company, they immediately sent me new ones, new number, of course, AND what they did was actually as I'm thinking about this, this is how obliging they were.  They reached out to all merchants to insure payments would go through before I even received the cards because I said to them.....WHAT ABOUT MY QVC STUFF?  AAAAAHHHHGGG!!!    LOL!!!  Seriously though they said don't worry, everything will still go okay and it did.  Of course the new one is on file and that was that.   Whew!  See, because I enjoy easy pay and I did not want that to get messed up, especially through an issue like that. 


Maybe it's that?

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Re: Worried And Frustrated About Order Status



Contact CS is definitely because of a credit issue.  Over limit, expired, bank system unable to authorize...a lot of reasons.


I also had a hack and had to change my CC..which I did.  Somehow an EZ pay got missed.  It said Contact CS and it was straightened out.


I would contact your CC/Bank to see if they had a problem.


When that message comes up, it has nothing to do with availability or shipping.


It is almost always a credit issue.


Why would you place your order over the phone?  I always place the order myself so I know/see all the details and get my confirmation number/email.