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I ordered a item from QVC in Nov got tracking # got to Phoenix but never went out for delivery, I live in Az. really not  QVC problem I think someone took the package so told QVC about the problem which really isn't their problem they did ship it, they replied asking me if I wanted to replace it and will do it no charge. QVC thank you so much Never had a problem with shipping but you were so nice to help me out.

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@sissel.  It IS QVC's problem because they're obligated to get your order to you.  I've had trouble with that Phoenix UPS facility holding packages for an excessively long time, like 4-5 days.  Nothing lost though.

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I too have been treated nicely by QVC.  IMO a lot of people start off nasty and condecending when reporting a problem and most get a less than polite or helpful reply.


Im glad your problem was solved.

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