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Hope mine comes back! Oh, well.

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@stevieb wrote:

@sunshine45 wrote:

mine only has one item.....and a message.....


We're currently experiencing an issue with Wish List & are working to restore your items.


@sunshine45  Same with me... Just one item... Nothing is back and ostensibly they're still working on it...





maybe they are going in alphabetical order? Smiley Wink

stevieb and sunshine45? pretty far down..... LOL

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Wow..  did not even no mine were gone until I just now added something and it showed me having one saved item.


I hope they do retrieve all the list soon !!

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More items are back on mine than the last 2 days, but certainly not all.  I'd say not even a a third is showing.  But I had some old sold out items sitting in there -- wondering if those will be deleted.

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Unfortunately, while my Wish List is back, half of the items are now gone....Smiley Sad

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Re: Wish list is back...

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 @Leeny   @sunshine45  and anyone else whose list is still MIA... Don't expect miracles... Mine is back as of this morning, well sort of... It looks like about 2/3 of my list has returned, but in no particular order and trying to organize it by date saved doesn't work... Let me also add that I'd pared my list down earlier in the day it all disappeared. They've managed to reinstate items I'd deleted but were apparently unable to capture some items I'd retained... In other words sort of a hot mess... I'm glad to have it sort of back but am curious how they all got deleted in the first place, which of course, we'll never know... 

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I thought I'd return to note that my list is back at last--but the item count is one off the actual number of items, so I wonder what didn't get restored and why...  Smiley Happy

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Mine is back.  However, the count is incorrect.  I have 19 items on my Wish List.  The screen tells me I have 26!!

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Mine is back but they are not in the order they were before.  Many of the older things I had are now in the front and many sold out.  What a mess this website it.  Still can't watch videos either.

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Half of my Wish List showed up the other day (no rhyme or reason as to the items that are there), but the rest is still MIA.  I was just looking and the message about them working on the wish list is gone.  So, I guess the other half of my wish list is also gone.  Forever.  Heavy sigh...  But in the grand scheme of things, not a big deal.