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Re: Why I don't but from QVC

QVC=Quickly Vanishing Confidence 

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Re: Why I don't but from QVC

I cannot say I do not buy from this shop channel, completely, but sometimes there are replacement filters to electronics I do buy again.

However, no more FOOD items until I am assured of receiving thawed  foods as before.... a hefty amount in price.

          {And that was in the month of winter}. 

I purchase quite a large amount of vitamins from the sister channel; HSN, and those are here within 4 days, or sooner.  I trust Lessman's brands. 


    If not in a hurry, then I don't care.

   8 days and counting is too slow for anything. 

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Re: Why I don't but from QVC

In the past few weeks, my shipping from the Q has been the fastest that it has ever been.  

The next time that I hear salt and ice together, it better be in a margarita!
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Re: Why I don't but from QVC

@LatahGPS wrote:

I do a lot of online buying.  I made the mistake of buying from QVC again.  Why do I say that?  QVC has the slowest shipping of any place I buy from.  I made an order July 2 and the status is "Were working on it."  The item was listed as in stock.  It has a estamated dtae of delivery of Jult 17.


Like I said, "You are slow."  If it took this long with my company I would be out on the street.

That's because the shipping is on us now.  On the check out page there is a choice of shipping methods but it's very small and probably goes unnoticed, I did not notice it.  Okay, so by where the shipping info is on the check out page hit the down arrow and you can choose a better method.  If you just check out it defaults to the 3.50 one which has very low priority.  I choose the second one and boom, UPS all the way, NO post office involved and it gets shipped out fast too.  This method is more expensive but I don't need nor want this to happen to me again because it did but another poster told me about choosing my own.  I have no problems now.  The better shipping method has much higher priority so I get it in a couple of days.  So sorry for your issues.  I know, it's a drag.

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Re: Why I don't but from QVC

I recently placed an order with HSN and my shipping status said, 'Packaging' for 7 days before it finally shipped, so it's not only QVC that is having issues.  

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Re: Why I don't but from QVC

Given how Q has been operating for a long time, 2 weeks is great timing.

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Re: Why I don't but from QVC

Once upon a time I ordered gifts for relatives in other states from QVC but not anymore because I now do not have any confidence that it will definitely arrive within 10 days. 

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Re: Why I don't but from QVC

Étoile, you are a star! I agree with all you wrote. If I were in desperate need of something, I'd buy locally. Most of what I order is a want, not a need. The only company that still delivers quickly is Chewy, the pet website.