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Where are Saved items from my cart?

Sometimes I put things in my cart, get distracted, and come back to purchase the items because they were shown  below my active shopping cart.  It was a good reminder,  They do not show up anymore.  I cannot easily order those items.  The message says I have no saved items.

is this feature discontinued?  If yes, I a, sorry to see this - used it a lot.

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Re: Where are Saved items from my cart?

Yes, apparently the "new and improved" checkout process doesn't automatically move items to the saved list.  I usually don't bother to go back and hunt for the item, so I don't see how this is a good thing for QVC.

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Re: Where are Saved items from my cart?

My items are not moving down from cart to saved items either.  It has been that way for weeks now.  I assume at some point it will get fixed or fix itself.  As @DecorDiva states I don't go back to look for them.  I guess QVC is happy with the way things are.  Man Indifferent

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Re: Where are Saved items from my cart?

I’m sorry to see that feature go,   It’s my habit to put items in my cart for purchase at a later date.  It’s my way of budgeting purchases.  I’m not a fan of easy pays.  Suddenly my saved items were gone!   Oh well — saved me some money.  

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Re: Where are Saved items from my cart?

QVC, you have lost money from me, because the items in my cart are not being saved if I don't buy within an hour.  As another customer wrote, I sometimes get distracted and don't immediately purchase.  I can no longer expect that my shopping cart items will be saved.  Right now I'm trying to remember what 3 items were in my cart.  A pair of readers, yes.  But, now I have to go searching your website to find them.  Now, what were the other two?

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Re: Where are Saved items from my cart?

That’s not the only change I’ve noticed. Today I put a pair of jeans in my cart and then immediately went to Mr: Rebates to sign in so that I could check out and still get my rebate.  I do that routine often. My Mr. Rebates password is saved and it takes about 10 seconds before bringing me back to the QVC cart to check out. It then said my cart was empty. Really? After less than one minute?!?  The jeans were then sold out in my size and I couldn’t get them.