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Are the TSV  Denim and Co jeans I ordered on 9/6?  Anyone have a clue if they are actually on land yet???

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That is a long time to wait.  Were they advanced order?

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I got one pair yesterday and 3 others are in town at UPS facility.  Will probably be delivered tomorrow.  Mine were all petites. 


Yours are on the way. 

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Thanks Kachina, I see there are actually some reviews also.  Mine are still stating advance order and I know they were due to be mailed out around 9/20.  Mine still gives me the option to cancel, which kind of tells me theyre not close.  Ill give them another week and see what happens.

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@Meem520, me too! I placed my order of 2 pair at midnight and they are still sitting there with the option to cancel. I really needed these jeans so this is disappointing and frustrating.