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I just received notice that I returned an item and will be getting a credit for an order I still have not received.  I've been waiting for it but still have not received it.  My only guess is that it was sent to someone by mistake and they returned it.  I'm upset because I really wanted that top.

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I am sorry you had this experience. Please email the order number to and we would be happy to look into this for you. 



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I once watched one of those nifty hard side cosmetic cases travel around the country and end up going back to QVC.  It never did get to any customer's house, including mine.  I have a feeling there is something wrong with the labeling and the codes get mis-read by the many machines.  

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I had the same experience. Somehow UPS never delivered the item but returned it to QVC without telling me. I was charged, then reimbursed. Confusing but not expensive.