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What is up with shipping

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Placed two orders on 24th and one on 25th. Order placed 25th received yesterday.  One order on 24th in route.  The other is "processing".  What's up with the delay in shipping out items?  Already called CS and got a generic answer.  Would love an answer as to where this is shipping from and why it is taking so long to get something shipped.

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Re: WWhat is up with shipping

Orders are shipped from different places by different shippers.  Many are shipped by vendors.  There are many factors, including the weather, that affect the time it takes to get an order.  CS has no way of knowing what's going on with a particular truck.

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Re: What is up with shipping

Ordered a tank Wednesday -  tried it on last night (Saturday).  Fits perfectly for which I'm most happy.  The tank is a Halston clearance and I returned the only other Halston item I ever ordered,  but I really wanted this cactus color to go with a new jacket I just bought locally.


One of the best things QVC does for me is offer clothes in colors I have trouble finding locally.  I really don't buy all that much clothing "long distance" but when I look at my wardrobe overall, I realize I buy my basic colors locally and look farther afield for the more unusual.

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Re: What is up with shipping

I'd been having pretty good luck recently with orders being shipped and delivered reasonably quickly.  Not so much in the past two weeks.  One order took six days in processing and another week to be delivered. 


Add to that, UPS which has always been fairly reliable here, must've assigned a new guy to our route.  I had two packages "out for delivery" and he pulled up, dropped a package and drove off before I could ask where the second package was.


I tracked that one and they sent it back to the depot and sent it out again the next day.  He clearly hadn't checked before he drove off.  And an order of Sweet Sam's cakes that are sent "Food - Perishable":  waited all day for them to be delivered only to see that the driver put "Driver Release" on the info, along with "Left at:  other".  Other????  Contacted UPS; got no further info from them.


They were delivered the next afternoon by the post office; left in my mailbox.  I have no idea how they were stored overnight (or on the entire route), but the individually-wrapped slices were all wet inside and nasty.  (QVC replaced them.) 


Things are still not reliable in the shipping area.

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Re: What is up with shipping/returns

I am still waiting for a pair of shoes that is still in California. Online says its supposed to be  delivered tomorrow.  I cant even cancel the shoes now. I ordered them 2 weeks ago and they are still not here.  The same thing with returns, it takes forever to get creditied now. I am done with QVC!