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Re: What is 'Delivery Exception' From FedEx?

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My ordxer was supposed to be delivered today.  Suddenly I checked the tracking and it says Delivery Exception.  Will FedEx ever deliver this or what?  I have wasted all day waiting for this and have no intention of wasting any more time if they won't actually deliver anything to me.




I'm still waiting for a FedEx delivery today too. for some reason FedEx doesn't want to deliver to me anymore. The last 3 deliveries never hapened..........


Whats up with that???

Yes, I've had 2 Fed Ex deliveries where the tracking has said loaded on the truck for delivery since the beginning of the week, with no update and no delivery.

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Re: What is 'Delivery Exception' From FedEx?

In fairness ,I have to say,my Fed Ex delivery expected yesterday was delivered first thing this morning........  Smiley Happy