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What Is The Difference Between......

 Waitlist, advance order & backorder?? Or is it all a different way of saying the same thing?

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Re: What Is The Difference Between......

The Waitlist option is offered when an item is sold out, and there is a reasonable expectation that the item will return to stock within 45 days. Although placing an order on our Waitlist is not a guarantee that stock will be received, it is a good way of reserving an item if it does come into stock. If we are unable to fulfill your order, you will be notified within 45 days.



We hope we can always fulfill your order right away but, sometimes, items are out of stock—that means, it can take a few weeks to 30 days to know whether we can fulfill it. If we’re able to, your order status will change from “back order” to “shipped” and we’ll send a confirmation, as long as your email address is on your account. Also, you’ll only be billed if and when your order ships.

In the meantime, you have options:

  • If the item comes in different colors, styles, or sizes, consider choosing one that may be available immediately.
  • You can cancel your order at any time.


If an item has no stock left, you may be able to place an Advanced Order so you don't miss out. This is available when we've been able to secure additional stock, but we've not yet received it. Once the stock arrives at QVC, we'll send it on its way.

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Re: What Is The Difference Between......

@Sunshine45  Thanks. Sounds like waitlist & backorder are pretty similar.

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Re: What Is The Difference Between......

Thanks for aggregating all the details, @Sunshine45! One additional note: "Advanced Order" is also used to describe items that have a scheduled shipping/fulfillment date in the near future, such as some brand new items that are brought in at a special sale price but are not being immediately processed, or items with multiple shipping/fulfillment dates (e.g., when a TSV has stock for both an initial order and a later order in the case of a potential color/style sellout).

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Re: What Is The Difference Between......

Backorder usually means that more of an item than they actually have are sold, and even though you see that your order was placed, there wasn’t actually enough stock. So if they can get more, yours will be sent.