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What Is Happening to Orders/Returns?

I realize that because of the pandemic things are not working as smoothly as they used to work.  However, there is no excuse for lack of communication in my opinion.  Even an email would help me know what is happening (although I'd probably still be frustrated).

On 4/23/20 I sent back an item and asked for an exchange.  I'm still paying for the original item yet don't know what happened to my return/exchange.

On 5/10/20 I ordered (in plenty of time allowing for the current situation) a t-shirt as a birthday gift,  I'm still waiting for either that gift to show up or to get some type of notice about its status.  Right now it's "in process" and was supposed to be delivered on 5/19/20.  While I didn't think that delivery date was possible, I assumed by now the item would be trackable.  Nope!  I have no idea what is going on!

And there are two more items I ordered that are "in process" for a long time with no information possible.

I'm not even going to order anything else at this point because I don't know where it's going (Mars?!) first or even if it'll get out of "in process." And, yes, I've been a customer for a long time but this is getting ridiculous even allowing for the wonderful pandemic.


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Re: What Is Happening to Orders/Returns?

@InStitches49 I ordered an item for the beauty with Benefits on May 8 with an estimated delivery of May 18.  This morning I received an e-mail stating due to covid pandemic, it would NOW be delivered until May 29.  I placed an online order with Belk on May 18 and received all items on May 22, go figure.  Perhaps all our orders are coming from China..........LOL

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Re: What Is Happening to Orders/Returns?

Agree that the lack of response to email queries is not understandable.  Other companies seem to be communicating customer service issues better.

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Re: What Is Happening to Orders/Returns?

Yes I have 3 Josie items since 5/10 still in processing. My GWP finally got a processing status but now will be delayed...I doubt I will ever see the GWP, maybe the Josie items will ship sometime but who knows?..