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When I enter something in the search engine, for example " Kim Gravel Top." instead of getting just Kim Gravel tops, I get all kinds...Isaac, Susan Graver, Quaker Factory.  Also when browsing I click on an item that iterests me and lately it's just "image coming soon," or has 3 out of 4 pictures to look at but the 4th says "image coming soon.":   And the image never seems to come.

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I think QVC just doesn't think it is profitable for getting a good and workable website for some reason.

I had the same experience with the search.

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QVC's search function has always been pretty much useless.  Heaven only knows how much money they lose because people can't find the items for which they're searching.  I've seen items presented that I can't find in a search immediately afterwards.  Its highly possible that if you wanted to find the matching top to today's TSV shorts, you wouldn't be able to find it and there would be no cross- reference on the TSV's website.


It's one heck of a way to run a shopping site.

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Have you ever tried to search on AMZ for an EXACT item?  When I do, a million things pop up, some not even close.  Same thing on Target and Wally.

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I too am having a lot of trouble searching items.

Also on the top of the home page what happen to our orders

to click on, disappeared.. QVC please fix this and put it back.. Having trouble searching my orders.....