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Webpage heading disappeared?

Anyone else having this problem? The heading with the search, menu, recently on air, cart, my account, etc has disappeared. There is nothing at the top of the page. Or anywhere. I have forums bookmarked, otherwise couldn't find it! What's up? I'm on an iPad. Since last night. 

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Re: Webpage heading disappeared?

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@carlycat If you are speaking about your ipad headers (not QVC's) they seem to change things with upgrades.  click on the bookmarks, and you will get an option of a dropdown for your favorites and such (I think, don't have my ipad handy, going by memory).   


If you are referring to the QVC secondary headers (New, TSV, items on air), they "disappear" from the screen when you scroll down.  They pop back up when you scroll up.


Hope I am being helpful!

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Re: Webpage heading disappeared?

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@carlycat,  It looks normal on my iPad 6 (iPadOS 14.4.2) today.

However, in the past couple of weeks I had a problem similar to your description and this fixed the display (both of these steps are safe to do and are part of regular "housekeeping" on iPads):


Clear all browser cookies/cache/data

(if you use Safari, it's in Settings-->Safari-->Clear History and Website Data


under Settings-->Safari-->Advanced-->Website Data).


Reset network settings:

In Settings, General, Reset, Reset Network Settings -- when the device boots back up just re-enter your WiFi password.


I hope that helps!  If not, give another shout-out for other ideas.

This website is a mess, daily, consistently.

Take care, everyone.🌻

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Re: Webpage heading disappeared?

@dooBdoo @thank you! That worked. How annoying. Now everything is cleared off my iPad again. Have to sign back into everything. But thanks so much!!