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Very dissapointed

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I placed an order on 11/7, today its 12/5 and still have not received my order.  Have contacted QVC via messenger a few times to get an update. All I keep getting is "its on its way".... really? By snail mail obviously. I looked at the update today and it showed that 12/1 it was shipped next day air. I have no idea what's going on am and really sick of contacting them and trying to figure out what's going on. At this point in time I've pretty much given up on my order, I doubt I will even get a refund. Luckily it wasn't too expensive, but that's beside the point. Don't think I will ever be shopping QVC again. Very disappointed with everything from the customer service to the way this has all been handled.

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You don't mention what your item is so others can't compare notes, but have you turned on the news and heard about the unavoidable shipping delays at West Coast ports of goods coming from Asia?  Virtually all merchants who import goods are in the same boat... literally.  A little understanding on your part might be in order. 


QVC's CS staff sees the same information you do.  They do not have crystal balls to tell you where your order is or "what's going on".


If your item does not materialize, and all of mine have arrived, of course you'll get a refund, however, you're not charged until it's shipped to you.  If it never ships, you're never charged. 

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Are you using the above email address to reach customer service? If you email this team with your order number and an explanation of the situation, you should be able to get help or a refund. The social team has helped me out many times and they're great. Good luck!

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@Whiskeygirl72 The BEST way to contact the Social Team is to email them at:

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@Kachina624   I agree !! Everyone just needs to be more patient. These are trying times for everyone...

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Welcome to the Forum @Whiskeygirl72.


We need more information to be able to help you.


Was your order an "advanced order?"  Did you receive an estimated delivery date...EDD?  I did have an order that wasn't processed for a month and it remained in preparing your order.


You said it was shipped next day air.  Did you request and pay for that?  


If it was shipped, you should be getting notifications from the shipper as it makes its way to your house.  Look at your order on QVC's website for the tracking number.  Click on the number to go to the shipper's notifications.  


QVC has no control over delivery after the shipper picked your order up, so you can't blame them.  


Shippers have notified everyone that they couldn't promise on-time deliveries this Christmas season.  There would be delays.  


If you are still confused, email QVC's Social Team at with your order number and explanation.  



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I'll tell what I as a consumer appreciate is information. Now that may not be possible in every case, I get it. However the few times I've had a late package from Amazon, I've been given a date to either reorder or get a prompt refund. Even I the case of an order that is lost, they admit they don't know where it is, and a refund is issued . I think if a customer is in the loop and knows there will be a solution if the package doesn't arrive in a reasonable amount of time, most will be satisfied . It's the " oh well , what can you do " attitude that makes people salty . JMO.

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If a retailer does not have an item in stock it is illegal to offer it for sale unless otherwise notifying the customer ahead of time. You cannot sell something that you do not have. These delays are not due to delayed shipments coming into the country. Now they are saying that there is a shortage of truck drivers! Really? All of the truck drivers retired at the same time? Or no one wants good paying jobs anymore? I know that the Post Office, UPS, and FedEx are delivering. Everything that I have ordered from other retailers has come on time or sooner. QVC has been having issues with delivering items long before their recent fire.
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who was the shipper   fedx  UPS   call them I do .. sometimes they get things done  and why are you emailing QVC  I call them when I have a problem . take care hope it comes but call shipper 

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I just had five items come  today via USPS. Four were from the last free ship weekend. All Q  tracking said is waiting for delivery at my local PO. My carrier said they received a large dump of packages late Saturday and he had to work  late Sat. night delivering. It seems that way ,they come in waves.


If I wait a month and if it supposedly shipped  not delayed I would check if lost or stolen. I had two packages missing the past three months which I haven't ever had happen in 35 years with Q. Q refunded my account when the Social Team assisted me.