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Very Frustrated With QVC Returns & Exchanges!!

  Recently, I returned 2 items for exchange, separately. My account history showed that the items were received. After 5 days I contacted the QVC social team twice for help.Each time they graciously helped & intervened to send the exchange out to me via expedited shipping.

   I then see that duplicates were sent out via standard shipping!! So now I have 2 replacements being sent  on each item!! I tried to cancel them as they were in process & of course the system wouldn’t let me!!

  I called customer service each time. I spoke with very helpful reps who themselves were baffled as to how this could happen twice.Apparenly, the warehouse didn’t check  closely enough when they finally processed the returns!!

   They advised me that they will try but are not sure they can stop the shipments.If I get them just use the pre paid return label & send them back no charge to me.

  Firstly,I want to thank Eric & Gil in Customer Service & Alice & Cindy on the QVC Social Team!! They were understanding,Kind & helpful !! 

   I would also like to say that I’ve been a customer for many years.I remember the days when shipping was fast & efficient.This was clearly a case where the right hand didn’t know what the left hand was doing.

  These situations could be avoided if QVC takes a cue from it’s sister station with regard to exchanges. Just send them out allowing the customer 10 days to return the original item. If it’s not received within the allotted time frame charge the customer again.

  Please QVC, you can do better than this. Your customers deserve it.


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Re: Very Frustrated With QVC Returns & Exchanges!!

@NicksmomESQ   You're absolutely right about the way HSN handles exchanges.  No fooling around, no waiting.  I've had the same experience when I've received the wrong or damaged item.....they say they will send a new one right away, and just return the other within the allotted time.  They also ship much faster from the get-go.

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Re: Very Frustrated With QVC Returns & Exchanges!!

Last winter I returned a coat for a smaller size.  Never received the exchange.  Checked to see if it was still available and it was.  Just gave up.  Took the refund instead.  (((sigh)))

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Re: Very Frustrated With QVC Returns & Exchanges!!

I totally get what you are saying! Among other irritations, the most recent was purchases from the GILI home line. I ordered the snow leopard comforter and the grey marble sheets. I was sent the grey animal comforter. Ok, I call CS. She’s very nice. Says they will send another out. ( I did not have to return the other before hand). I received it. It was correct. The sheets were blue marble instead of grey. I reordered still blue. I call CS AGAIN. She says she will do a “manual pull” make sure I get the right ones, Send them express! Wow I thought,  great!

After not receiving them, I email CS and Social to help. SOCIAL did not reply and CS told me, sorry if you were given the wrong info. You must return the others before we will do a manual pull. REALLY? Over 20 years shopping and this is the thanks I get? I’m over it. 


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Re: Very Frustrated With QVC Returns & Exchanges!!

Hi @Mick57 I am so sorry you had such a disappointing experience with QVC. Please send your Q Account number and order number to and we will do our best to help. Alice QVC Social Team