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It has became obvious that many of the reviews on items presented are fake. So, in order for your customer to get a qualifying review of something they were interested in buying, you have provided the "verified purchase" on items that were purchased and reviewed.  Item A570755, TSV Kim Gravel Dress.  I have not yet received mine yet and I was very interested in the opinions of those who had received theirs.  There are 156 reviews of this dress.  Not one is a verified purchase.  If you have decided to stop taking the time to let the member know what is fake and what is real, please let us know and we won't bother reading them anymore.  Although many of these reviews may be legit, we have no way in knowing anymore, if they are. If you have stopped posting "verified purchase" please let us know.  

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@Sir Cancelot 


I don't see the 'verified' on the reviews of all items I fact, most I do not.


However, On this TSV, I can attest that they must be verfied purchases cuz it DID run large!!


I checked the size chart first as I always do and ordered down.


I don't care as much if they are 'verified' or not...because I can usually tell by the multiple complaints of the same issue....or repeated glowing reports ...that the person(s) did order.



I'd rather see them delete the reviews where it is obvious the person did not even order.



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@Sir Cancelot  There's something funny going on.  I just looked at A392584. There are two reviews on 3/15, one is verified and another where the purchaser describes receiving hers a wrinkled mess is not verified.  I also see that the status of the reviewers has been dropped.  As a Top 25 Reviewer, I'll quit doing reviews. 


Their process has always been badly flawed; now it's useless. 

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I only ever review items that I have bought at QVC OR those that I own (having bought them elsewhere). I just think it is dishonest to review an item the individual does not have.

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