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V35935 Black & Decker Cordless Floor Sweeper

I tried to order this on 6/5 but automated ordering said it was sold out (even though they had not announced it on TV) and was put on waitlist.  Today I checked the item # and it says the item is no longer available but it used to say Waitlist Only.  Does this mean the item won't be coming back or am I still on waitlist.  No reviews posted either.  MODS - please respond.  Thank you.

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Re: V35935 Black & Decker Cordless Floor Sweeper

I've had mine for several years and love it for quick-pick-me-ups......Probably the Q had just so many to sell and now it's zippo.  You can find them in many places - Amazon for one.  - or other hardware places.

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Re: V35935 Black & Decker Cordless Floor Sweeper

I ordered the same item. It came a couple of days ago. I was putting it together this morning (very easy assembly) and I noticed that there were two broken pieces of plastic in the box. I inspected all of the parts and noticed that on the bottom of the sweeper unit there are four hard plastic pieces (one at each corner) and one of the pieces was missing. It had apparently broken off in transport. I thought that maybe I could glue it but there is a small chunk of the plastic missing so I can't fit it together so that it will fit.


These hard plastic pieces allow the sweeper to slide across the floor without catching or scratching. It is a really nice unit and I really wanted it but sadly it has to go back. I'll look online and see if I can find it at Amazon, Target or Walmart.