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Unable to update shipping addresses

Our post Office will NOT accept packages unless the  shipping address includes our p.o. box as a 4 digit extension. After 3 calls today, I am still receiving a QVC shipping notice that does NOT show the needed extension. I cannot update the addresses online because the software will not accept the extension after the zip. Ive purchased from Qvc for at least ,20 years. My other accounts are able to address my bills to me, including the extension. A package was delivered by ups to the post office. Since it did not have the extension, they promptly returned it. Come on QVC, can't you tweak your software to get on board with the USPS??? Actually, when I ordered, Qvc said they couldn't ship food to the p.o.?? So why did the p.o. let ups drop the package at the p.o.????? Nobody seems able to coordinate for the benefit of the customer. And I am now waiting for a 4th conversation with QVC by phone.


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Re: Unable to update shipping addresses

Welcome @Stinkerbug.


USPS requested everyone use the 4 digits moons ago, so why isn't QVC?


If I understand you correctly, QVC's system doesn't take the 4 digit extensions for everyone?


Did you try deleting your current address, then adding it again with the 4 extensions just by some chance the system will take them?


Forget Customer Service. Email QVC's Social Team at with your order number and explanation of the problem. 





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Re: Unable to update shipping addresses

@Stinkerbug  can you include the Box number as part of the address? For example 12565 NW 24 St, #1234?  This is how I send packages to a Miami Shopping Co. to be sent to the Caribbean.


I remember reading sometime ago a Thread concerning this problem. Hope someone sees it and can help.

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Re: Unable to update shipping addresses

@Stinkerbug - Based on my interpretation of what you have shared, it sounds like you placed an order for a food item and specified a PO box as your delivery address—is that correct? If so, it is likely that the problem is the fact that QVC sends the majority of the food items it sells via UPS, so there would definitely be an error with the main address since UPS does not deliver to PO boxes. The extension at the end would not be the issue if all of this so far is true. In this case, I would guess there wouldn't even have been a USPS refusal; instead, UPS would simply have returned the package as having an undeliverable address.


And unfortunately, it seems unlikely that the QVC system would have any way of identifying whether an item would be sent via UPS at the time you placed your order, especially since most food items are shipped directly from third-party vendors. In the future, if you have a physical address you can provide, I would recommend using that any time you order a food item. Good luck!