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I usually get a return label with my merchandise but lately there are none.  When I go to my order status to print out a return form/return label I am now only getting a UPS label.  I don't want this,  I want a Post Office return label.  Now, I have to drive to the UPS every time I need to return when the post office is right near my home.  Why are we not getting the return labels that give us a choice??

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Good luck with an answer as to why so many packages don't include a return label.  It is very much an inconvenience.  There are many folks that don't have a printer as well.  I use the return process on the qvc website and I am always given a choice whether I want to use USPS Or UPS label.  QVC stands for Quality Value Convenience.  I noticed in the last year or so they need to remove the letter C when they stop causing inconveniences to their customer.  Funny thing is that I never have read an explanation as to why labels are not included in so many packages (could have been some...I just never seen them).

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The label in one of my boxes was not only UPS but was addressed to come back to me...good thing the clerk caught it!  I like the USPS labels too, but that doesn't seem to be a choice for me.

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I don't need/have a printer, so I am ordering less since its hit or miss that I get a return label. not convenient anymore. losing my shopping dollars. 

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You can always sit down with pen and paper and make your own labek, take it to the post office and pay to mail it.  Just make sure QVC doesn't charge you a label fee.

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