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I recently purchased the two Samsung Galaxy phones and they stated no activation of the new phones was needed.  We could add the minutes, etc to our old phone.  This is not the case the 2 new phones have to be activaed according to Tracfone.  This will be very time cosuming and then I will have 3 different telephone numbers listed with Tracfone.


Has anyone had a different experience with the new phones.


I am annoyed that they misrepresented the phones.  


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@carolgeno    Some years ago, many of us would buy cheap TracFones, use the minutes on our existing phones and ditch the cheapies.  At some point the company did something so this would no longer work.  Now we have to buy the more expensive minutes and airtime.


Where did you buy the phone?  Sounds like there was an uninformed seller who was behind the times by more than a few years.

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In my experience, it doesn't take very long to activate a new Tracfone. 
For me, it was about ten minutes. 

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@carolgeno,  you only get the minutes, etc. when the phone is activated.


If want to add the minutes now activate one of the new phones.  To keep your current phone number you will have to deactivate your old phone.  The new time, minutes, etc. are then added to whatever time and minutes you have on your old phone.


If you do not want to activate the second phone at this time just hold on to it but remember (if I remember correctly) it needs to be activated within one year.  That should be verified, there may no longer be a time limit.

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I have purchased tracfones from qvc and I have never heard them say you didn't have to activate the phone. You can carry over your existing minutes and texts to the new phone. I always go online to activate and its very simple to do.

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Bought the phones from QVC>